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Market News

  • The renewable components in European refining companies

    The whole European community, including petroleum refineries and fuel distribution companies on the supply side and the transportation sector at the demand side are under ongoing pressure from society and regulators to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and develop a more environmentally-friendly footprint.

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  • GCC 2017 chemical production capacity to post 5.3% growth

    This year saw the completion of phased start-ups of two major petrochemical complexes in Saudi Arabia: The Sadara Chemical complex in Jubail, and the PetroRabigh II expansion in Rabigh.

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Company News

  • Iron Slag from Africa is increasing business in Man Chemical

    Man chemical has reliable mining sources in Africa and matches the requirement of clients from other parts of the world, to supply big quantity of mining materials. 

    Currently, Man chemical is shipping a stable quantity of iron slag from South Africa to South Asia.

  • Man Energy Completed UV Disinfection System in Dubai Park Irrigation

    Man energy successfully implemented UV Disinfection system in irrigation pipeline in 25 Dubai Parks in 2019. 

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    Man Chemical signed GTC agreement with Adnoc in marketing Fuel oil, sulphur, and other oil products globally in August 2017.

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  • Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) Approves us as supplier in Chemicals

    Man Energy was approved to be the professional Contractor of Solar EPC in the system of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) on 16 April 2018. 

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  • Man chemical provide UV solution to kill bacterias in public parks in Dubai

    Man chemical cooperates well-known UV company from Germany, Wedeco, which is company of Xylem Inc to provide UV solution in public parks in Dubai. 

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