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Quality Service

We are responsible for our product's quality, providing the smooth channel for warranty & guarrantee. Easy to reach and fast response.

Technical Service

From designing, engineering, commissioning to site technical service, we have professional team for caring on all details.

Finance Service

With support from bank, We provide investment to government projects or well-known corporation in solar PV projects, in mode of PPP, BOT..

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Respect for the Law

Man Energy is determined to comply with the letter and spirit of the law, in and outside of UAE, and to be fair and transparent in all its dealings.

Respect for the culture

Man Energy is respectful of the people, culture, and tradition of each region and country in which it operates. It also works to promote economic growth and prosperity in those countries.

Respect for the Nature

Man Energy works to contribute to regional living conditions and social prosperity and also strives to offer products and services that are clean, safe, and of high quality.

Respect for Customers

Man Energy conducts intensive product research and forward-looking development activities to create new value for its customers.

Respect for Employees

Man Energy nurtures the inventiveness and other abilities of its employees. It seeks to create a climate of cooperation, so that employees and the Company can realize their full potential.

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