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Version05,updated on 12 DEC 2022


  • 26 May 2021
    1. add "Gift/ Support for Engagement/ Marriage/ Child Birth" from Grade 3;
    2. Optimize the style of layout
  • 01 Feb 2022
    1. Welcome Message- Only workings are rearranged;
    2. Introduction - Dicipline and Re-assignment paragraphs are added;
    3. Time and Attendance clause 3(2) deduction is amended to actual hours of lateness without approval;
    4. Clause 4(3) Termination during the probationary period by Employe is amended based on the new amendment in the labour law effective from 2nd Feb 2022;
    5. Clause 4(4) resignation during the probationary : Added this clause as per the labour law amendment effective from 2nd Feb 2022;
    6. Clause 5-3 (1) Maternity Leave : Amended the provision of maternity leave as per the new Law;
    7. Removed Caluse 14 (6), (7), (8) as it is contradicting to the labour law. All recruitment expenses shall be borne by the employer as per new Law;
    8. Termination Notice Clause 16.1 amended to as per law or the specification mentioned in the offer letter;
    9. Note added : All Labour Contracts shall be amended to Limited Contract on or before 1st Feb 2023 in compliance with new labour law
  • 12 Dec 2022
      Added:Dress code
    2. working hours change 4pm Added 5pm
    3. Annual leave:(below the points are removed)
      A maximum of 40 days
    4. 5-2 Sick Leave:(below the points are removed)
      for 1-day sick leave.
    5. Removed:Maternity Leave:1. Female staffs that have been in continuous employment for more than one year are entitled for 60 days paid days maternity leave as per the UAE Labour Law effective from 2nd Feb 2022. This will include the period preceding & the period following her confinement. Employees can also opt in to an additional 45 days of unpaid leave following the 60-day period in case of any post-partum complications. This clause should be supported by the medical certificate from the authorized doctors.
    6. Added:Female employee's are eligible for maternity leave unto 60 days,45days will be fully paid,and 15 days will be half paid.Employees are also entitled to a further 45 days of unpaid maternity leave.further,the new labor law carves out additional maternity leave entitlements for still birth and children born with disabilities.
    7. 5-6Rejoining:(below the points are removed)
      will be activated once passport is with us
    8. Added:leave return form must be submitted duly signed and filled
    9. Rejoining:(below the points are removed)
      duty days will be unpaid
    10. monthly cycle (added below the word)
      Handled and arranged
    11. 7-confidentiality: (below the words are removed)
    12. (Nick names in the system are not allowed).
    13. End of service benefits: (removed )
      1 to 3 years : 7 days per year (as per basic salary)
      4 to 5 years : 14 days per year (as per basic salary)
      5 years & above : 21 days per year (as per basic salary)
    14. Added: 1 to 5 years : 21 days per year (as per basic salary)
      5 years & above : 30 days per year (as per basic salary)
    15. Removed OT Gross salary /Friday
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