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Office 201, Saleh Bin Lahej Building, Al Garhoud, Dubai,United Arab Emirates
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8:00 -16:00 from Monday to Friday
Excluding UAE Holidays


How you connect with us efficeintly?

We have different departments to handle different requests, please send the request to the concern email:

Man Chemical   Man Energy
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Wrong delivery of email will be ignored or blocked. 

Where is man chemical website?

For easily managing the data online, we combined webiste of man chemical into man energy. So now all data or information of both man chemical and man energy is in website:

The website of man chemical: is automatically transfered to 

How we guarrantee the quality?

We have our own facilities and team, we have internal system and process to control the precedure and quality. Every work is under supervision, and trackable. And from client side, we have smooth channel to communicate and monitor through our or toll free number:800696
Transperance and Mutual benefit is our target.

What is policy about cooperation?

Man Energy/Man Chemical is open in cooperation with reliable and capable persons or companies, we have policy of agency agreement, to ensure the benefit of our partner, in diffirent industries or countries. 
To be our agent of man energy/man chemical, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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