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 D A Y L I G H T I N G   S Y S T E M 

Discover the technology that changed daylighting

Solatube® Daylighting Systems offer the highest Light Transfer Efficiency (LTE), the most consistent Color Temperature Maintenance (CTM), and the best light to solar heat gain ratio of any daylighting system on the market. Our third party photometry and extensive product testing offers the designer and end user peace of mind and ensures a reliable and consistent daylighting experience.


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SolaMaster Series

With three different domes, varying extension tubing configurations and both open and closed ceiling options. SolaMaster products provide the versatility for numerous applications and sunlight conditions.

Multiple Domes. More Daylight.

From the 300 DS dome for smaller spaces and retrofits, to the 330 DS with an integrated reflector, and the 750 DS with unique lens technology, you get options to maximize daylight capture no matter your application.

Mounting Solutions for Any Roof

Whatever your roof, whatever your application, Solatube has the flashings to meet all your needs with design and construction that eliminates any chance for leaks.

Diffuser Options to Match Your Design

Open ceiling or closed. Round or square. Prismatic or OptiView. You get diffuser options to enhance the look of your interior however you choose.

Tubing for Total Transfer

SolaMaster's extension tubing, with the world's most reflective surface, provides the length and angles (even 90º bends) to carry light through virtually any space. And it even has optional dimpled sections to smooth the light delivery for optimal visual comfort.

Accessories for Total Daylighting Control

The SolaMaster Series offers accessories that not only control the levels of light let into a building space, but also minimize the level of heat.

SkyVault Series

The core of the SkyVault Series, our largest tubular daylighting devices, is the M74 DS with tubes 29" wide and extending up to 100' long to fill the largest spaces with natural light.

Made to Be Modular

The beauty of the SkyVault is that it's not just one size fits all. With varying combinations of domes and collectors to capture light with tube extensions to transfer it, and an optional Amplifier to deliver it into the building, the SkyVault Series is a flexible, high-output solution for any large-volume space.

Massive Sunlight Capture

It all starts with standard domes that are available in both single- and dual-glazed configurations with optional security guards. But then the light capture gets really big with the oversized SkyVault Collector that redirects low-angle light downward while filtering out the heat of infrared rays.

Deep Delivery

The M74 DS uses unique bottom assembly components to deliver maximum daylight in high-ceiling applications, from the prismatic diffuser to the optional Amplifier, which focuses daylight all the way down to the task area.

All the Accessories for Big Impact

The SkyVault Series offers accessories that not only control the levels of light let into a building space, but also minimize the level of heat. And with other accessories for both fit and finish, the system looks as good as it works.

Brightenup Series

Smaller commercial spaces—corridors, restrooms, nooks, and others—often suffer from lack of natural light because light from windows can’t reach them. Solatube’s Brighten Up Series is the perfect solution for bringing daylight to unexpected, hard-to-reach areas.

Different Options for Different Areas

The Brighten Up Series offers two different tubular daylighting devices (160 DS and 290 DS, 10”- and 14”-wide tubes, respectively, with lengths up to 30’) to fit different applications and space sizes and fill them with natural light.

It All Starts with the Domes

To match up with the Brighten Up Series’ two device sizes, there are two different sized domes, each of which integrates technologies to maximize the capture of sunlight, even in lower light conditions and geographies.

Mounting for Any Roof

The Brighten Up Series has leak-proof options to mount its domes on any roof type, from curb caps to flashings for both pitched and non-pitched roofs.

Diffusers for Beautiful Delivery

The Brighten Up Series offers the widest variety of diffusers, which can be used with hard, suspended or open ceilings. Attractive design options change commercial spaces from bland to beautiful.

Add-Ons & Accessories

From dimming to light and ventilation add-ons, you get the options you need to completely control your daylighting environment.

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