Version04,updated on 01 Feb 2022


  • 26 May 2021
    1. add "Gift/ Support for Engagement/ Marriage/ Child Birth" from Grade 3;
    2. Optimize the style of layout
  • 01 Feb 2022
    1. Welcome Message- Only workings are rearranged;
    2. Introduction - Dicipline and Re-assignment paragraphs are added;
    3. Time and Attendance clause 3(2) deduction is amended to actual hours of lateness without approval;
    4. Clause 4(3) Termination during the probationary period by Employe is amended based on the new amendment in the labour law effective from 2nd Feb 2022;
    5. Clause 4(4) resignation during the probationary : Added this clause as per the labour law amendment effective from 2nd Feb 2022;
    6. Clause 5-3 (1) Maternity Leave : Amended the provision of maternity leave as per the new Law;
    7. Removed Caluse 14 (6), (7), (8) as it is contradicting to the labour law. All recruitment expenses shall be borne by the employer as per new Law;
    8. Termination Notice Clause 16.1 amended to as per law or the specification mentioned in the offer letter;
    9. Note added : All Labour Contracts shall be amended to Limited Contract on or before 1st Feb 2023 in compliance with new labour law
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