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400 Meter
Single Axis Tracking System

What is Dragonsol

The longest independent 0 civil engineering horizontal single axis tracker in the world

DragonSol Tracking System is powered by Hour Angle Salve Longitudinal Master (HALM) steel rope drive mechanism, which is an breakthrough international patented drive system.


Annual Power +


LCOE Reduction


Torsional Vibration


Civil Engineering


Years Corrosion Resistance


Years Drive Mechanism Life

Why is Dragonsol

Aeroelastic Instabolity Report
Static Load Coefficient Report
Dynamic Amplification Factor Report


  • Zero risk of torsional vibration, perfect solution for extreme weather conditions;
  • No need shock absorbers;
  • Safe mode;
  • Wind Stow;
  • Over current protection

Intelligent Design

  • Light weight structure,low torque tubes,easy to handle;
  • upto 400 PV modules per row for optimizing string configuration;
  • Upto 62° East/West tracking;
  • Perfect for integrating solar cleaning robot.

More Power

  • Maximumize power tracking MPT;
  • Auto position to best angle;
  • 10% power increment in cloudy weather;
  • 1.5% power increment annually;
  • Smart O&M;
  • Self diagnostic mechanism.


  • Zero Civil engineering;
  • Independently Tracking,  no adjusting work in installation;
  • adaptability to irregular land;
  • Better O&M accessibility.

Technical Specification

Control System
Tracking Type :Closed-loop Time Control + MPT
Tracking Accuracy :≤2°
Communication Interface :RS485/Wireless
Communication Protocol :MODBUS-RTU
Auto Stow at night :Yes
Auto Stow for high winds :Yes
Backtracking :3D Backtracking
Motor Power :24V DC 100W
Power Supply :24V DC 110V/220V/380V/500V
Daily Power Consumption :≤0.3kWh
Protection Level :IP65
Working Temperature :-30°C ~ 65°C
Tracking & Racking Structure
Tracking Type :Independent Horizontal Single Axis Tracker
Tilt Angle Range -E/W :±62°
Working Wind Speed :20 m/s gust in ASCE7-10
Maximum wind speed :47 m/s gust in ASCE7-10
Sub-units Quantity per system :≤20
Modules per sub-unit :20 for portrait, 15 for landscap
Total Modules per Tracker :300-400
Module Assembly :Clamps or Bolts
General Specification
String Voltage :1000 V & 1500V
Pitch1(East-West) :8 Meters
Tracker Length :200 meters to 400 meters
Tracker Width :About 4 meters
Table Height :About 2.2 meters @ 0°
Ground Clearance :0.5 Meter
Ground Coverage Ratio GCR :30-50%
Note:Man Energy has right to do modification on specification as per project requirement or product R&D
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